Music for Cafés

Music That Makes a Difference

Carefully selected music for cafés, clubs, wineries, breweries, cafeterias, bars, buffets, pubs...
Different genres for morning, day, or evening, weekdays or weekends... always suitable music for your café's ambiance
A vast selection of music genres from around the world
MRM - My Radio Manager application allows you to change the genre yourself and adjust the music for your café according to the atmosphere in the venue
Enhanced ambiance in your space, happier customers, and more satisfied staff
All songs are professionally arranged, of top-notch sound quality, and consistent volume levels


Enhance Your Café Atmosphere with the Best Music

The 'Branded Personalized Radio' service offers the perfect solution for shaping the musical ambiance of your café or hospitality establishment. Our experienced music editors, with over 30 years of DJ experience, know how to create the right musical vibe in line with your brand's concept and customer preferences.

Your guests should feel comfortable throughout the day, whether it's morning coffee, afternoon relaxation, or evening entertainment. We customize the music according to different times of the day and days of the week, offering a diverse selection of global and local music genres to elevate the atmosphere for both guests and staff.

Our 'My Radio Manager' service provides added features like genre customization, favorite songs, preferred artists, and the option to exclude specific songs or artists. Additionally, we can broadcast your jingles, promotional messages, event announcements, and more.

Rest assured, all songs in our playlists are of top-notch audio quality, and the music is professionally mixed without interruptions. We also ensure that the song order never repeats.

With our Personalized Radio service, we install a unique Streaming Client Box (SCB) device that ensures continuous music even during internet outages. And, technical support is always on standby to monitor and address any issues.

We also offer services for recording and producing radio advertisements and other audio content.

The Benefits of Thoughtfully Selected Music for Cafés

Carefully chosen music significantly impacts your café's image and atmosphere. It influences guest behavior, their pace of consumption, and employee motivation. Music can enhance the overall customer experience and staff performance, contributing to increased productivity.

Our playlists are regularly updated to keep them fresh, never repeating the same song order, and the tempo and style are adapted to the time of day.

By offering a blend of Italian and French music during specific times, businesses have even seen increased sales of Italian and French wines and cheeses.

Elevate Your Café's Vibe with ID Jingles, Promotions, and Advertisements

In addition to music, our service lets you broadcast your promotions, advertisements, and special offers. By using identification jingles and the Business Panel application, your brand can be promoted as modern and dynamic.

We offer flexibility in programming your advertisements and collaborating with production companies to meet your specific needs. All the music we broadcast is of top-quality audio compression, ensuring a consistent listening experience.

Elevate your café's ambiance and customer engagement with our music and branding solutions.

Radio for All Types of Establishments

Whether you run a café, tavern, bar, club, pub, or any other venue, we have the perfect music and radio solution for you. Our services cater to a wide range of businesses, including wine bars, breweries, bistros, coffee shops, and more. Elevate your establishment's atmosphere with our tailored music and radio offerings.


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