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Carefully selected music for hotels, hostels, guesthouses...
Different genres for morning, day, or evening, workdays or weekends... always the right music in your establishment
A vast selection of music genres from around the world
MRM - My Radio Manager application for changing genres based on the atmosphere in your establishment
Improved atmosphere in the establishment, happier guests, satisfied employees
All songs are professionally arranged, of top sound quality, and equal volume


Best In-Store Radio for Hotels

Our 'Branded Personalized In-Store Radio' for hotels is the perfect solution for every aspect of your hotel business. Let's make the stay in your hotel restaurant or bar more enjoyable with the right music chosen by our expert team of music directors. Welcome guests in the lobby and even in the elevator with a pleasant and relaxing in-store musical atmosphere. Your spa and massage center can provide an even more enjoyable experience with carefully selected in-store music. Motivate visitors to the gym and fitness center with music to achieve better results.

Carefully selected in-store music for hotels and a wide range of music genres from around the world, as well as local music, will elevate the atmosphere for both guests and staff to the highest level. Boost your business by utilizing a new marketing channel, the 'Branded In-Store Radio.'
g kanala, “Brendiranog Radija”.


All of this and much more is the work of our music team, marketing managers, and IT experts. The unique quality of our 'Branded Personalized In-Store Radio' service lies in broadcasting jingles like 'You're listening to YOUR HOTEL RADIO' and the possibility of airing your advertisements, promotions, event announcements, and more.

What goes without saying for all our playlists is that all songs are of top sound quality, with uniform volume levels. The hotel in-store music is professionally mixed, without interruptions, and the sequence of songs does not repeat.

As part of our personalized in-store radio service, we'll set up our unique Streaming Client Box (SCB) for seamless in-store radio listening. The SCB allows you to enjoy your internet radio, and in case of internet disruptions, it seamlessly switches to the internal memory with hours of music, ensuring a continuous stream of quality in-store music. Once the internet is back, it smoothly transitions to real-time broadcasting. Rest assured, we offer technical support to monitor and address any internet or in-store radio-related issues for all our clients.

Our company also specializes in recording and producing in-store radio commercials and other audio content.


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