Update your menu in minutes with new offers or change prices with a single click.
Detailed descriptions and visual representations of your offerings, eliminating the need for printing new menus.
Highlight recommendations and promotions. Speed up ordering, preparation, and payment.
Improved order accuracy, reducing errors. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Modern and attractive design of the SCAN Menu service, integrated with other WWM company services.

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SCAN Menu is a service that allows your guests to view your complete menu on their mobile devices simply by scanning the QR code. By clicking on a product or item, guests can access details with accompanying images and descriptions. The SCAN Menu service enables you to reach out to the staff, place a comprehensive order, and add any additional requests or notes.

All you need is a printed QR code on the table, and anyone can thoroughly browse your menu. SCAN Menu reduces costs in comparison to printing classic old-fashioned menus that quickly wear out. By using SCAN Menu, you can reduce human error, speed up order preparation, accelerate bill issuance, and present your establishment as a modern and reliable company.

The SCAN Menu service's modern and attractive design will leave a lasting impression on everyone. Your brand's color scheme can be matched by customizing your SCAN Menu with a wide range of available colors.

It's easy to manage the SCAN Menu service; all you need to do is make price changes, update images, or create new offerings with a few clicks.

SCAN Menu can be integrated with our "In-store Personalized Radio" service. As guests browse your MEnu, the mobile screen will display the currently playing song, the next one, and the previous one.

SCAN Menu is compatible with our "Personalized TV" service, allowing you to showcase chosen menu items on your televisions and screens.
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