In-Store radio for Retailers

Music Makes a Difference

Carefully selected, suitable music for retailers with the aim of enhancing customers' positive moods
A more pleasant atmosphere, longer customer stays, increased sales
A marketing channel that directly communicates with customers
Broadcasting separate campaigns at different times and locations
Enhanced employee productivity with enjoyable music
24/7/365 technical support


In-Store Music for Retailers

Music Matters
Numerous studies have shown that selecting the right music in-stores results in more relaxed customers who enjoy their shopping experience. They decide to linger longer in your store, ultimately leading to increased sales.

The music curators at World Wide Multimedia, with over 30 years of experience, know how to evoke positive emotions through music. By alternately playing blocks of Italian and French music in supermarkets, retailers managed to boost the sales of Italian and French wines and cheeses when that music was broadcast. Shoppers were more inclined to choose products from these countries.

In-Store Radio, a powerful tool that should be used wisely, captivates your customers. As they listen, by broadcasting offers prepared by your marketing team, customers decide to make unplanned purchases, precisely what you've chosen to promote through this unique marketing channel – In-Store Radio.

Our service allows you to broadcast separate, diverse marketing campaigns, announcements, and notifications at different locations, scheduling campaigns/ads according to various time criteria: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly... all personalized to meet your specific needs.

The "My Radio Manager" service offers various other possibilities: the ability to independently change music genres, select favorite songs and artists, create blacklists of songs and artists, and search for individual songs and artists.

Adding to the quality of this service is the broadcasting of jingles like "You're listening to YOUR BRAND RADIO" and the opportunity to air your commercials, promotions, event announcements, and more.

What's implied in all our playlists is that all songs have top-quality sound and uniform volume levels. The music is professionally mixed without interruptions, and the sequence of songs never repeats.

As part of the personalized Radio service, we'll install our unique Streaming Client Box (SCB) device for listening to your radio station. With this device, you can listen to your internet radio, and in case of internet disruptions, the device starts playing music from its internal memory, which contains hours of music. This means it never leaves you in silence and always provides quality music. Once the internet is back, the device smoothly transitions to real-time broadcasting. Rest assured, technical support is provided for all our clients, monitoring your Radio's operation and responding to any internet or radio-related issues.
Our company is also engaged in recording and producing radio commercials and other audio content.


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